- excellent customer service
- optimal solution finding
- binding order execution

Finding the optimal approach to the ideas and needs of the customer and perfect always offer the claim of shoptec. But only good project management, sophisticated technology and quality along the entire value chain to transform ideas into successful solutions.


Punch-laser combination

3,2 kW Format 1250 x 2500 mm
Steel max.: 8 mm
Stainless steel max.: 8 mm
Aluminium max.: 6 mm

Salvagnini L5-30 2 kW Fiber

Laser machine

Format: 1500 x 3000 mm
Steel max.: 10 mm
Stainless steel max.: 8 mm
Aluminium max.: 6 mm
Copper max.: 5 mm


Tube laser

Processing capacity max.: 6500 mm
Cut workpieces max.: 3200 mm
Square column to 100 x 100 mm
Stainless steel max.: 5 mm
Steel max.: 8 mm
Aluminium max.: 6 mm


CNC Tube cutter

Rectangular tube max.: 100 x 100 mm
Round steel max.: Ø 102 mm

2x TRUMPF TruBend / Salvagnini B3-170

Bending Press

Bending length max.: 3230 mm
Pressing force max.: 1700 kN
Reach max.: 430 mm
Sheet thickness max.: 8 mm

Press machines

Pressing force up to 500 t incl. coil supply
Eccentric press

3x OTC FD-V6

Welding robot

Control unit: 6 Axes Arm
Lifting capacity max.: 6 kg
Distance between centres: 1400 mm
Working radius: 360°

Welding machines

24 boxes with 8 MIG-MAG + 4 WIG
and 5 MIG-MAG/WIG welding device
3 spot welding devices

Costa MD4

Grinding machine

Width max: 1150 mm
Length max: 2200 mm
Height: 0,5 – 150 mm

GEMA Pulverlack Geräte

Power coating systems

Product length max.: 3300 mm
Product width max.: 650 mm
Product height max.: 1300 mm
with 2 changing cubicles and manual cabins

Stainless steel production

sawing, laser etching and welding
round- and surface grinding
cleaning and packing