Your competent partner for shopfitting and pharmacy systems

We look back on a 60-year experience in metal processing. We implement individual solutions with a high manufacturing expertise at our production site in Csót (Westhungary).

Since 1992 we skilfully combine tradition with innovation and operate confidently in a wide range of industries.

As a member of the Schweitzer Group, we manufacture metal components for world-renowned shopfitting companies and retail chain stores, as well as for pharmacy fitters and industrial customers.
Our customers benefit from a broad range of specialist and industry knowledge as well as from our Europe-wide partnerships with renowned companies. Our success is due to high quality standards and reliable on-time delivery.

  Martin Schmid
Managing Director of shoptec

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shoptec offers high quality shopfitting systems, furnishing modules and individual products for sophisticated shop fitting.

All basic modules are coordinated so that they can be combined as far as possible and thus offer maximum flexibility and individuality.

shoptec products support the sales success with a pioneering design and an effective presentation that puts your goods at the centre of attention.

Martin Schmid



The complete requirement profile of the modern pharmacy, such as the best possible and safe storage of goods and ideal working and sales conditions, requires a furnishing system that offers planners the highest level of creativity and maximum flexibility and efficiency to pharmacies.

The medic pharmacy facility has been designed specifically for these tasks and fits in perfectly with our complete range of shop fittings

Christian Schwarzkopf



We are masters in almost all forms of metal processing and machining and always have the optimal solution for your requirements in the industry. Regardless if it is a simple work-piece, an individual, complex special component or an extensive construction/assembly group.

The few processes that we do not carry out ourselves are covered by our extended workbench. Our wide range of services therefore offers you all forms of metal processing for the perfect realization of your products.

Christian Schwarzkopf



shoptec offers a wide range of retail products ranging from individually developed single products to industrially produced roll-out concepts. With Core 25S/50S we have designed a basic shelving system that adapts perfectly to the special requirements of the food retail trade.

Our core shelving system has a modular structure and is available in sheet and wire versions. This results in many modifications and variants, which are flexible in the sales room. Individual fruit and vegetable furniture as well as POS furniture are also part of our range of services.

Martin Schmid



The cornerstone of our company was laid in the form of a machine factory in the 1950s. In 2011, shoptec became a member of the Schweitzer Group.

  1. 1951

    First factory in Csót

    After the second world war, the founding of the TSZ at that time began, which was associated with the metal and engineering industry. In the summer of 1951, the machine factory of the local LPG for the maintenance and repair of the machinery was founded at the Csót location.

  2. 1975

    Robix Kft.

    From 1975 the company is known under the name Robix Kft. The parts of the "Robi Grinders" were produced, which were very popular in Eastern Europe and are still used by many.

  3. 1990


    From 1990 Robix Kft. was owned by PEKO. At this time the production of various metal constructions and shelf systems started.

  4. 1992


    With the purchase of PEKO by the German company Rudolf Bohnacker GmbH, Bohnacker Fémárugyártó Kft. was founded in 1992. Csót also started manufacturing element system products in spring of 1993.

  5. 1993

    Start of production

    Start of production of products for element system.

  6. 1994/95

    First expansion

    Due to investments and relocation of production, the first stage of expansion was done by the new owner.

  7. 1996

    Second expansion

    Due to increasing demand, further expansion became necessary.

  8. 2000

    shoptec HUWIL

    Through the acquisition of the German company HUWIL in 2000, the HUWIL shoptec brand was founded. With this brand, the expansion of the shop-fitting sector began and it was sold from now to pharmacy facilities.

  9. 2004

    Production of pharmacy systems

    Relocation of the total production from HUWIL Waldbröl to shoptec in Csót. The manufacturing of pharmacy systems in the factory of shoptec begins.

  10. 2011

    Schweitzer take over the shares of shoptec & Investment in machinery

    Schweitzer and another partner take over the shares of shoptec GmbH and shoptec Kft., Investment in Trumpf 2D Laser Combination.

  11. 2012

    Expansion of the machinery

    - 2 Trumpf TruBend folding benches
    - 1 Adige 3D tube laser machine

  12. 2013

    Schweitzer becomes the sole owner of shoptec

    Schweitzer acquires all shares of shoptec GmbH and shoptec Kft.

  13. 2014

    Investment in further laser technology

    Investment in new machines, Trumpf bending machine, RSA Automatic Saw, Adige 3D tube laser machine.

  14. 2015

    Investment in new logistics building & further technology

    The biggest investment in the history of shoptec: For EUR 7.5 million, a new logistics building (GLO) was built in Csót. Investment in competence stainless steel processing: 4 welding robots, manual workplaces welding and grinding. Investment in machinery: GEMA automatic powder booth, COSTA surface grinding machine

  15. 2016

    Investment fibre laser and CNC technology

    shoptec invests in building expansion as well as Salvagnini folding bench and Salvagnini 2D fibre laser machine.

  16. 2017

    25 years of shoptec

    Celebrating the 25th anniversary of shoptec

  17. 2018

    Wins the Employer Branding Award

    On March 26, shoptec wins the gold medal at the Employer Branding Award 2017 in Hungary in the category "Employer Branding Annual Strategy for Medium-Sized Enterprises". The Employer Branding Award is the public invitation of the Hungarian Public Relations Association. 2017 was the third year in which the best employer branding strategies and the best employer branding campaigns were awarded. The aim of the public invitation is to present and reward the best practices for developing a corporate brand. These should be an example for other companies. Among the numerous applicants were well-known large companies such as Deutsche Telekom (Hungary), Bosch Group, Continental, Erste Bank. Shoptec won the gold medal in this prestigious group

  18. 2020
    shoptec - EUROSHOP 2020

    Euroshop 2020

    In February 2020 we had a great booth at the EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf. Here we were able to present our new products and had many interesting discussions.


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